Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in a frame?

Framing 101: Linen liners vs. Open frames
When we choose custom framing we like to show our clients several different options and styles. For the gallery we have just chosen new custom frames for two of Robert Genn's paintings. This new frame is a rich walnut espresso stained wood with a beautiful soft coppery gold inner detail. 
(click images to enlarge)
The painting framed with a linen liner creates a more open and panoramic effect, as if  you were standing in the landscape.

The frame without the liner feels as if  you are looking out a window creating a porthole effect around the image. This makes the painting 'pop' with dramatic contrast.

A similiar 'porthole' effect is the floating frame. To see an example click here.

Frame Detail: 
(click images to enlarge)

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